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Warnings of ‘equity correction’ and ‘red lights’ fly thick and fast

William Hynes is quoted by Digital Look regarding a looming equity market correction. Read the full article here .

Bitcoin: is it a bubble waiting to burst or a good investment?

Oliver White is quoted in the Guardian regarding the value of bitcoin. Read the full article here .

Hammond to borrow extra £90bn after lower productivity forecast

Joanna Davies is quoted in The Guardian regarding Fathom’s view on the OBR’s new productivity forecast. Read more here .

Recession on the cards

Fathom is quoted in BBC business live regarding their view on a recession. Read more here . (3pm 2nd November)

Three signs that markets are heading for a fall

The Evening Standard quoted Tim Davis regarding Fathom’s recently published monthly strategy outlook. Read more here .

A quiet week ahead of us when it comes to the global economy, but here are five things to look out for

Fathom Consulting are quoted in an article by the Independent regarding the equity market bubble. Read the full article here .

Bank of England set to raise rates for first time since 2007

Fathom was quoted in the Business Insider when they reported on our recent Monetary Policy Forum. Read more here .

Gradual? Try ‘glacial’ for Bank of England rate hikes

Erik Britton was quoted by Reuters over his comments at our recent Monetary Policy Forum. Read more here .

US Senate chops key obstacle to Trump tax reforms

Brian Davidson is quoted in The Telegraph regarding Trump’s tax reforms. Read the full article here .

Mark Carney heads for another Brexit row as experts predict inflation to hit 3.1%

Joanna Davies is quoted in the Daily Mail regarding the effects of a rate hike next month. Read the full article here .

10 more things you need to know about developments around and involving China

Fathom is quoted on the website ‘Interest’ regarding their own estimates of China’s growth rate. Read more here .

Beijing struggles to curb poverty

The Guardian quotes Erik Britton and his concern is ‘that China’s debt-fuelled growth is building towards a major crash some time in the next five years’. Read more …

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