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Monetary Policy Forum (MPF)


Monetary Policy Forum (MPF)

Fathom’s Monetary Policy Forum

Our Monetary Policy Forum (MPF) is a quarterly event which meets ahead of the Inflation Report. Designed to enhance scrutiny of monetary policy decisions, the Forum provides a rigorous and objective cross-check on the Bank of England and its Monetary Policy Committee. Fathom Consulting launched the Monetary Policy Forum in 2009 – bringing together a rotating panel of former Committee members. “Since its inaugural event…, [the Monetary Policy Forum] has become a must-attend event in the economic calendar,” according to The Daily Telegraph.

Regular panelists include: Dame DeAnne Julius, Sir John Gieve, Prof Charles Goodhart, Dr Ian Plenderleith, Dr Andrew Sentance, Dr Sushil Wadhwani, Marian Bell and Rachel Lomax. Click here for biographies.

The Monetary Policy Forum typically opens with a presentation from Erik Britton, outlining our quarterly UK forecast in the context of our Global Economic Markets Outlook. This is followed by a panel discussion between former Monetary Policy Committee members, who are invited to debate the key conclusions of the forecast. The Forum is then is thrown open to the audience for a Q&A session, offering a rare opportunity to ask the panelists questions. These events are accessible by exclusive invitation to forum members and clients, and places are available to the media by request.

MPF Roundtables also take place on an ad hoc basis. These are fairly informal lunchtime discussions led by VIP guest speakers, and are generally a quarterly occurrence. The lunches are attended by a small group of forum members and clients, drawn from across the financial and corporate landscape. They are off the record, following strict Chatham House rules, with no journalists. These events are designed to bring together thought leaders from across the corporate landscape and the financial and political spectrum. The VIP guest generally opens proceedings with a 15-minute speech, after which point the discussion is opened to the table.

Speakers have included: Dr Vince Cable, Prof Charles Bean, Paul Tucker, David Miles and Andy Haldane.


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