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Climate economics and the US election
29 October 2020 – 4:00PM GMT

Trump or Biden — what will this mean for the global climate outlook? Join Fathom and a guest speaker from Refinitiv, for a discussion on the differences between the policies of the two US presidential candidates, with respect to the climate. The event will cover the economic and financial market implications of their climate policies, for the US and the rest of the world. Plus, international political implications, including the thorny issue of a carbon border tax.


  • Erik Britton (CEO & Managing Director, Fathom)
  • Leon Saunders Calvert (Head of Sustainable Investing, Refinitiv)
  • Brian Davidson (Head of Climate Economics, Fathom)
  • Laura Eaton (Director, Fathom)
  • Kevin Loane (Head of Fathom USA)
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