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Our Approach

Leading independent macro research

Leading independent macro research

The macro economy and financial markets are linked

  • The artificial division between economics and asset price analysis has been exploded by repeated financial crises.
  • We do not pretend to know the future. We take uncertainty seriously.
  • Our Global Economic Strategic Asset Allocation Model (GESAM) is the cornerstone of our macro research and our bespoke consultancy.
  • GESAM covers the interaction between the economy and financial markets in over 170 countries.
  • No model can answer all questions. The purpose of GESAM is to help frame some of those questions, and to provide a rigorous, coherent starting point for analysis.

Our Global Economic and Markets Outlook (GEMO) is a quarterly forecast, informed by our global model. It follows a single chain of logic to combine macroeconomic scenarios for the global economy with an optimal asset allocation. Click here to find out more about the Global Coverage of our macro research.

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