The Monetary Policy Forum

The Monetary Policy Forum (MPF) provides a rigorous and objective cross-check on the Bank of England and its Monetary Policy Committee. It brings together a real depth of experience to challenge orthodox thinking and offer a fresh perspective on the issues confronting policymakers today. Launched in 2009, the MPF was set up to enhance scrutiny of monetary policy decisions.

“Since its inaugural event…, [the Monetary Policy Forum] has become a must-attend event in the economic calendar,” according to The Daily Telegraph.

Each quarter, the MPF brings together a panel of individuals with an unrivalled breadth of experience and allows for the open exchange of views, ideas and research relating to the effective conduct of monetary policy and the outlook for the UK economy. Regular panelists include: Dame DeAnne Julius, DCMG, CBE; Sir John Gieve, KCB; Prof Charles Goodhart, CBE; Dr Ian Plenderleith, CBE; Dr Andrew Sentence, CBE; Dr Sushil Wadhwani, CBE; Marian Bell CBE; and Rachel Lomax.

The forum’s deliberations are informed by our latest forecast for the UK economy. Following a presentation of our UK forecast, our panelists are invited to debate its findings and conclusions. Each panel member gives their own views, after which the forum is thrown open to the audience for an open Q&A session and debate.

Why become a member of the MPF?

  • The forums provide a profound understanding of the UK economy and its financial markets, with unique access to a panel of former Monetary Policy Committee members.
  • Exclusively for members, we host regular satellite events which bring together opinion-formers from across the business, financial and political spectrum. Speakers at previous events have included Dr Vince Cable, Professor Charles Bean, Paul Tucker.


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