What we do

What we do

Fathom is a leading provider of global economic intelligence, based on original, data-driven research and consultancy. We are proud to be independent and innovative, and produce analysis that consistently challenges conventional thinking.

We position ourselves in the three-way intersection between macroeconomics, financial markets, and geopolitics. Our approach is unique in drawing out the connections between the three; where others may specialise in these elements individually, we see them as inextricably linked.

Much of our work is bespoke consultancy, answering specific queries and offering new solutions to complex problems, for clients in government, financial management and the corporate world. We provide clear, objective guidance in plain English to empower our clients’ decision-making.

Our services

Fathom offers a range of services, which can be tailored to each client

Global Outlook

Our subscription service. Each quarter, we make a comprehensive assessment of the prospects and risks related to the global economy, financial markets and geopolitics, and deliver it to our clients as Fathom’s Global Outlook. Our analysis includes forecasts for major economic variables, risk scenarios and clear asset allocation advice. We share our findings through written research and private presentations, where the emphasis is tailored to each client’s specific needs and interests.


Over the years clients have brought a huge range of questions to Fathom to answer through our bespoke consultancy work. We have provided insightful and pragmatic advice on issues affecting asset allocation, corporate strategy and all aspects of policymaking. All our work is soundly based on data, literature and economic principles, and employs the same rigorous and independent thinking. This trustworthy process is the DNA that makes up our world-leading research. Some consultancy projects are short, occupying a few days; others can span months or become ongoing work.

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Data, models, tools

An extensive range of proprietary economic data, models, and tools underpins all the work we do. These inform our Global Outlook, as well as forming the basis of consultancy work as we design and develop bespoke solutions for clients.

Our core focuses

We have built up a world-leading reputation in four key areas of expertise

Linking global macroeconomic research with asset allocation, investment strategy and policy advice

Rigorous analysis of the true state of China’s economy and its growing global influence

A clear and detailed global overview of the economics of the energy transition, to assist policymakers, strategists and investors 

Using data-driven assessments of high-tech sectors to provide advice to government and decision-makers

Our clients

Our clients are diverse, global and influential. They include:


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