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The carbon neutral stag party

3 April 2020|

Most of us are locked at home and likely to be for some time, which has given us a moment to pause and think about the important things in life. Like how much we love our family and how much we value friendship. That was me in week one of lockdown. In week two, as I look out of my window at the plane-free sky over central London my mind has drifted to the climate and the recent reduction in CO2 emissions. And to stag parties, with the realisation that the one I am meant to be going on in May is unlikely to go ahead as scheduled. A bachelor party over Zoom is an alternative, and would be better for the environment, but not much fun. The May date will almost certainly need to be postponed, which got me thinking: is possible to go green, while still having fun?

Thank Fathom it's Friday

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