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The most wonderful country in the world

14 December 2018|

For some this is the most wonderful time of the year. While I’m not usually one to shy away from overindulgence and mindless consumerism, I struggle with London in December. It’s cold. It’s dark. Mariah Carey’s voice permeates. The winter solstice is next Friday, and I can’t wait. Indeed, during weak moments, the combination of short days and poor weather makes me question whether I’m getting tired of London. No, I’m not tired of life. But maybe I’m getting fed up of restaurants that don’t take reservations, and only being able to wear flip-flops for a few weeks per year. My childhood was mostly spent in Kenya. Back then, I understood winter to be that time of the year when I would have to put on a sweater and worry about the rain. Now, that describes a decent

Thank Fathom it's Friday

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