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Liquid gold

18 September 2020|

If I asked you to think of some profitable and safe investments over the last few decades, gold, government bonds or real estate might come to mind (or, depending on your definition of safe, Bitcoin). What probably didn’t come to mind was whisky. Now hang on, this isn’t the opening line of a sales pitch where I attempt to sell you my semi-drinkable, homemade whisky through an elaborate pyramid scheme. The reason I mention it, is that last week a 28-year-old sold a collection of whisky bottles, gifted over the course of his life, for £44,000. And whilst I know getting an 18-year-old bottle of whisky as a birthday present from your father from the day you were born probably isn’t the most relatable story, it does shed light on the interesting dynamics of the liquor market.

Thank Fathom it's Friday

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