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We are always on the lookout for economists with top-flight academic training and an excellent understanding of the relationship between the macro economy and financial markets, as well as economic data analysts and data scientists.

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Placement students at Fathom

Every year Fathom takes placement students from UK universities who spend a year working with the company.

Here’s what the 2017-18 intake of Junior Economists had to say about their time with us.

Brian Davidson

I’ve been at Fathom for over six years now and loved every minute. For me, the biggest attraction to working here is the freedom to think independently. In fact, at Fathom, we are encouraged to think outside the box and question things. I can see the value this adds to our clients, which is rewarding on both a professional and a personal level.

We have a broad mix of clients including some of the world’s leading investors, industry bodies, corporates, think tanks, local authorities and governments. Naturally, this means that I meet very interesting people and work on a range of very interesting projects. No day, or project, is quite the same.

I’ve been encouraged to gravitate to the areas of economic research that interest me most as well as being given good opportunities to grow my career and progress within Fathom. I joined as an Economist and am now a Junior Partner and head our research and consultancy into the economics of climate change.

Joanna Davies

My first day at Fathom was a memorable one, setting the tone for what I now know to be the ‘Fathom’ way! It was the annual Away Day, and I joined the team at a stately home for an afternoon of intense debate, followed by food, drink and a shamelessly unskilled game of snooker. Other than the team’s questionable cue control, I recall being surprised by the intensity of debate — discussing openly both Fathom’s research offering and content. All views were welcome, mine included. That hasn’t changed. Since joining the industry in 2009, I consider myself fortunate enough to have only ever worked in companies that value differences of opinion and original thinking. At Fathom, providing you carry out the necessary (rigorous) analysis, the house view is yours for the making. This level of involvement, as well as the camaraderie of the team as a whole, eradicates the usual 9-to-5 tedium. Some might even say that Fathom is fun. Did I mention beer o’ clock…?

Andrew Harris

What’s it like working at Fathom? In a word — fun.

Our staff are fun. They’re great people with great ideas. We engage in fierce (sometimes heated) debates, be that in the boardroom, on teams, or at the pub. We’re also a social bunch, enjoying trips to the cricket, lunchtime runs and even the odd trip to Portugal.

Our clients are fun. They’re also very bright people (clearly, they hired us) with interesting views. We talk with them, not to them. Their questions are insightful and they always push us to deliver our best work.

Our work is fun. Yes, really! We deliver our own brand of economics the blurs the boundaries with other fields such as finance, geopolitics and the climate transition. We’re asked to think freely, without limits, and on a wide range of issues. We read the latest academic literature and develop cutting-edge techniques. Nobody else does it the Fathom way!

Kris Takoor

As a student, I spent my placement year at Fathom, and re-joined the company once I had graduated. That initial placement year immersed me in countless aspects of both the company and the wider industry, and gave me invaluable knowledge, training and connections. My experience from placement year allowed me to find where my own particular interests and skills lay and, once I had graduated, I was able to pursue this interest.

For me this was working on the diverse consultancy projects the company undertakes as a data analyst. Each fresh project presented new questions, often in unexplored areas, and new problems that needed solving. Fathom has given me the opportunities I needed to develop a specialism in this area, focusing my work and funding my continuing training, particularly in coding. I’ve learnt a lot from my time here so far, and met some great and sociable people — and hope to continue to do so in the future!