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Merkel and Macron — Europe’s ‘golden scenario’?

In the days following Angela Merkel’s narrow victory in the German elections, French president Emmanuel …

Italy and the itcoin — beware the Ides of March

Italexit might seem like a distant prospect with Italy’s Eurosceptic political parties now showing less …

Fathom’s UK ESI remains more bullish than the official data

Our UK Economic Sentiment Indicator (UK ESI), which distils information from numerous consumer and business …

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Thank Fathom it’s Friday – Fancy a flutter?

Brexit: 7/1 for the UK to leave the EU. Trump: 5/1 to win the next …

Thank Fathom it’s Friday – Money Money Money

This blog is a light-hearted look at the week’s events
“I work all night, I work …

Thank Fathom it’s Friday – Bitcoin bubble, toil and trouble?

This blog is a light-hearted look at the week’s events

Ever get tired of waiting for …

Chart of the week

China continues to repeat past mistakes
We disagree with the government’s view that “China’s growth has shifted from a high-speed growth phase to a high-quality growth phase”.

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Introducing Chartbook
  • An easy-to-use library of 4,000 charts covering economic and financial market indicators for over 170 countries.
  • Includes detailed country-level indicators, international comparisons, and Fathom’s forecasts and proprietary indices.
  • Charts update automatically via Thomson Reuters Datastream, ensuring that the latest economic and financial developments are always reflected.

Click here for more details about the Fathom Chartbook, how it helps inform our research and how it could assist you. If you are a Fathom client then you already have access to the Chartbook; simply log in and click the Chartbook icon.

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Fancy a flutter? Read more in this week's Thank Fathom it's Friday goo.gl/w7oNGk pic.twitter.com/l8NIW0Dy4B

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Comprehensive Global Coverage

Global Economic Strategic Allocation Model (GESAM) of the interaction between the economy and financial markets in over 170 countries.

Our Global Economic and Markets Outlook (GEMO) is a quarterly service that follows a single chain of logic to combine macro economic scenarios for the global economy with an optimal asset allocation.

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Bespoke Projects: Examples

Investing in a time of negative yields

When ‘re-risking’ can be ‘de-risking’ Fathom and PIC pap ...
November 2016 Download

Scottish Independence

Economic consequences of independence for Scotland and the rest ...
June 2014 Download

Still time for TARP in the UK

A policy paper by Fathom Consulting exploring the role that the ...
March 2013 Download

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