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US Economic Sentiment Indicator (USESI) points to solid economic expansion in Q2

Using business and consumer confidence survey data for April, the preliminary Q2 reading on …

Monetary policy: when debt can do no more

Debt to GDP ratios have climbed to unprecedented levels across the developed world.
The …

How a quicker pace of tightening by the Fed would affect the US economy

Political uncertainty may have cast a cloud over Donald Trump’s ability to loosen fiscal …

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Thank Fathom it’s Friday – #Grime4Corbyn

Hurrying out of Old Street tube station yesterday morning I found myself face-to-face with Jeremy …

If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it

Undoubtedly, being responsible for the monetary policy of a common currency bloc of more than …

Buying high?

Once the week’s work is complete, Fathom staff, on occasion, are permitted to help themselves …

Chart of the week

Sterling markets not yet concerned by UK General Election
The Fathom StRRiM (Sterling Relative Risk Metric) measures risks priced into a variety of sterling markets relative to the risks seen in other developed markets.

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Economic Outlook 2017 Q2
Moves towards protectionism rest in the balance. As with Brexit and President Trump, the chances of a Le Pen victory are greater than the polls currently indicate.

If Le Pen wins, how long will the euro last? If she loses, will that mean we have passed the high-water mark for popular authoritarianism and protectionism?

Join us and our distinguished panellists as we debate the outlook for the global economy and asset markets in this challenging context.

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Introducing Chartbook
  • An easy-to-use library of 4,000 charts covering economic and financial market indicators for over 170 countries.
  • Includes detailed country-level indicators, international comparisons, and Fathom’s forecasts and proprietary indices.
  • Charts update automatically via Thomson Reuters Datastream, ensuring that the latest economic and financial developments are always reflected.

Click here for more details about the Fathom Chartbook, how it helps inform our research and how it could assist you. If you are a Fathom client then you already have access to the Chartbook; simply log in and click the Chartbook icon.

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#Grime4Corbyn — Will it be enough to swing the election? We’re Skepta-cal goo.gl/VqfzU7 pic.twitter.com/HnyMixzrLg

About 2 days ago from Fathom Consulting's Twitter

Comprehensive Global Coverage

Global Economic Strategic Allocation Model (GESAM) of the interaction between the economy and financial markets in over 170 countries.

Our Global Economic and Markets Outlook (GEMO) is a quarterly service that follows a single chain of logic to combine macro economic scenarios for the global economy with an optimal asset allocation.

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Bespoke Projects: Examples

Investing in a time of negative yields

When ‘re-risking’ can be ‘de-risking’ Fathom and PIC pap ...
November 2016 Download

Scottish Independence

Economic consequences of independence for Scotland and the rest ...
June 2014 Download

Still time for TARP in the UK

A policy paper by Fathom Consulting exploring the role that the ...
March 2013 Download

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