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Macroeconomics, financial markets, geopolitics

World-leading consultancy
Macroeconomics, financial markets, geopolitics

Trusted, independent research and consultancy for clients in corporate and financial institutions, policy groups and government

Geoeconomic implications of a fractured global economy

What are the risks, and where are the opportunities?

Fathom’s report considers the implications of a divided global economy, looking particularly at global trade. We assess how exporters are likely to align in a fractured world, and analyse where supply vulnerabilities could arise, how they could be countered and at what cost.

Our core focuses

Linking global macroeconomic research with asset allocation, investment strategy and policy advice

Rigorous analysis of the true state of China’s economy and its growing global influence

A clear and detailed global overview of the energy transition and economics of climate change, to assist policymakers, strategists and investors   

Using data-driven assessments of high-tech sectors to provide advice to government and decision-makers

Global Outlook

Fathom’s flagship Global Outlook service explores potential scenarios for the macroeconomy, financial markets and geopolitics over the coming quarters, identifying key opportunities and risks


Our research notes and thought leadership pieces tell the truth as we see it, based on thorough analysis and written in plain English

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