Andrea Zazzarelli

Technical Director

Andrea joined Fathom in 2017 as Technical Director, bringing his quantitative expertise to Fathom’s core research areas of macro, finance and political analysis.

Andrea has nearly 20 years of experience having worked across a broad spectrum of buy- and sell-side institutions, such as the BT Pension Scheme, EFGAM, Moody’s and the United Nations.

His areas of expertise include; cross-asset tactical and strategic allocation models, as well as economic and market research within equity and fixed income markets, machine learning and geopolitical forecasting.

At Fathom, Andrea has developed a number of proprietary financial market indicators, including the Fathom Leading Indicator (FLI), a measure of expected macro conditions; the Fathom Liquidity Indicator (FLiq), a timely assessment of financial market liquidity risk; and the Fathom Risk-Off Gauge (FROG), a tactical asset allocation signal.