Andrew Brigden

Chief Economist

Andrew Brigden is a Director of Fathom Consulting and its Chief Economist. Since leaving the Bank of England to join Fathom more than 15 years ago, he has carried out research and consultancy relating to a wide range of issues confronting the global economy and financial markets.

Throughout his career, Andrew has been involved in building econometric models. While at the Bank of England, he developed models that described the relationships between money, credit and expenditure in different sectors of the economy. Some of this work was published in peer-reviewed journals including the Manchester School. At Fathom he has worked with clients to construct macro-econometric models of, among other things: the Italian electricity-generating sector; the UK aerospace industry; and the UK housing market. He has recently developed a new forecasting model that uses more than 150 years of data to emphasise long-run macroeconomic and financial market relationships.

Andrew leads Fathom’s research effort, and over time has helped formulate and develop Fathom’s distinctive, sometimes out-of-consensus calls, on topics ranging from the causes and consequences of the ongoing productivity crisis, through to the factors underpinning record valuations in the UK housing market.

Andrew Brigden, Chief Economist Fathom Consulting