Fathom provides answers to complex questions through bespoke consultancy work. While the scope may vary greatly between projects and clients, our experts often explore previously uncharted territory to map out solutions to seemingly intractable problems, whether it be in asset allocation, policymaking or corporate strategy. The case studies below illustrate the range of our expertise.

Our approach

Fathom applies the same rigorous, proven process to every piece of work; this process is the DNA that makes up our world-leading research.

We start by truly understanding the client’s question. We carefully examine the existing literature and available data, and these inform our analysis, both qualitative and quantitative, which uses the most sophisticated statistical techniques. Where new datasets or models are needed, we create them. We design and develop intelligent solutions for our clients and summarise our findings in plain, jargon-free English. We deliver our results in the format that works best for them, whether that be written reports, personal presentations, and/or interactive dashboards and tools.

Case studies

A selection of our bespoke consultancy projects can be found below. To view by client type or focus, please use the filter buttons.

Macroeconomic modelling and scenario analysis
Macroeconomic modelling and scenario analysis
The investment arm of a major US bank outsources the modelling of its global macroeconomic scenarios to Fathom
RiCArdo: measuring China’s progress in high-tech industries
RiCArdo: measuring China’s progress in high-tech industries
Fathom created its RiCArdo database and dashboard to provide an independent assessment of China’s progress towards its high-tech goals under President Xi’s Made in China 2025 plan
The impact of European climate policy
The impact of European climate policy
Fathom analysed the economic implications of EU and UK climate policies, green initiatives and related stimulus programmes, identifying possible risks and market opportunities

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