The human species is intelligent in large part because it shares information, which flows through networks. We all benefit from those networks, without really understanding their structure. In this session, we took a few steps towards a better understanding. How far can you bend and distort an innovation network and have it still function in roughly the same way? Under what kind of stress would its structure fundamentally change? Is that sort of change the aim of current policies — and is it feasible or desirable?

This was an invitation-only event, aimed at demystifying the economics of innovation with new, rigorous, evidence-based thinking — this time, specifically about the role of networks in fostering innovation.


  • What are the most important networks that support innovation?
  • How do they work? How do they interact with each other?
  • What agency does the USA and its allies have over the structure of these networks?
  • Can China be cut out, and should it, and how would that affect innovation?