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Fathom’s Global Outlook, Summer 2024 

Fathom Consulting is offering a free opportunity to hear insights from our latest Global Outlook – the independent and data-driven assessment of the prospects for the global economy, financial markets and geopolitics that we share with our clients individually each quarter.

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Inflation has tended to be stickier than expected across many developed economies. That has lifted the expected path for short-term interest rates. However, the US economy continues to perform much better than its European peers. To what extent can this continue?

Our forecasts for long term interest rates have been too low. If we are in a higher-for-(much)-longer world, what does that imply for the outlook? Rather than being a headwind to economic growth, might higher interest rates aid creative destruction and boost productivity growth rates? Artificial intelligence is being rolled out and is another reason to think that productivity will grow more swiftly over the next decade than the previous one.

While the economic outlook may look bright, geopolitical tensions remain high and are unlikely to dissipate anytime soon. What does this imply for the outlook? Which countries stand to benefit? And should we be worried about historically large budget deficits for where we are in the cycle?  India has disappointed both its optimists and its pessimists. Will that continue?

Some have pointed to a successful Chinese economic pivot from real estate to manufacturing. What evidence do we find for that? And would this strategy be consistent with a weaker renminbi?


The US is (still) outperforming. For how much longer?

Higher for (much) longer and a potential productivity revival

The geopolitics is tense: can India capitalise on this?

Has China successfully pivoted away from real estate?

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