Joanna Davies

Head of China Economics & Government Services

Joanna is Head of China Economics & Government Services at Fathom Consulting. She manages major consultancy projects related to China, is responsible for Fathom’s China coverage, and oversees the relationship with government clients.

Joanna joined Fathom Consulting in 2015, previously working as a Senior Economist and Publications Editor at another economic consultancy. She has co-authored a number of papers for the Central Banking Journal, the Centre for Policy Studies and the Institute of Economic Affairs.

During her time at Fathom, Joanna has led various consultancy projects related to global economic interdependence, investment and trade. As part of these consultancy projects, Joanna has created and worked on a suite of proprietary indicators, tools and models that Fathom uses throughout its research and consultancy work. Examples of these include:

Joanna Davies, Head of China Economics & Government Services
  • Fathom’s Capital Flows Tracker – a measure of outbound, cross-border M&A and greenfield investment from China and Hong Kong to the rest of the world
  • China Growth Strategy – a measure of China’s progress in external, internal and financial rebalancing
  • Made in China 2025 export indicator – a measure of China’s success in overhauling its enormous manufacturing base into the high-tech powerhouse outlined by President Xi’s Made in China 2025 plan.
  • Fathom’s Centrality Tracker – a measure of the ties binding over 150 different countries with China, the US and the EU and what this means in terms of economic spillovers
  • RiCArdo – an internationally comparable database of trade in key sectors, such as robotics, with data covering absolute value, market share and revealed comparative advantage
  • Fathom’s Focused Interaction with China and US Index – detailed and comparable measures of the engagement by China and the US with every country in Africa since 2005, covering trade, financial, political, military and cultural engagement