Climate change and the West’s ageing population, China’s economic struggles, the decline of cash — these are just a few of the varied subjects that Fathom’s readers have been clicking on in the last few weeks. Here we’ve put together a recap of Fathom’s Top 10 most read research pieces for 2022 Q2, based on the level of engagement from our clients.

Most read:

Climate change and the ageing population

“Climate change vulnerability scores suggest that richer countries tend to be less vulnerable and poorer countries more vulnerable… According to the UN, dependency ratios are set to rise the most in high-income countries…; in low-income countries dependency ratios are not expected to rise at all… the consequences of unmitigated climate change are likely to lead to increased demand for migration out of poorer, more vulnerable countries…  [Policymakers] could consider the economic benefit of accommodating at least some of that migration demand…”

Andrew Brigden, 20 April 2022

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