In the previous quarter, Fathom has examined chocolate prices, fiscal strategies of leading economies and the potential of emerging markets like India, to name but a few of the range of subjects we’ve covered in depth. Here we’ve put together a selection of our Top 10 Fathom research pieces from 2024 Q1, based on the level of engagement from our clients.

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Chocolate and climate change

“The price of cocoa is currently at US$6414 per metric tonne, having risen by 56% since 8 January and a hefty 203% since its September 2022 low. After adjusting for inflation, cocoa prices are the highest they have been since 1986 – and the bad news is that another increase in the price of chocolate is likely.”

Ingrid Standal, 13 March 2024

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a selection of Fathom's top 10 best read stories for 2024 Q1