Andrew Brigden

Why patience really can be a virtue

9 August 2019|

At 18:30 on Saturday 18 May 2019 the last scheduled High-Speed Train (HST) — familiar to those who remember the early marketing material as the InterCity 125 — left London Paddington for Exeter. It was the end of an era. This diesel locomotive, designed and built on a meagre budget by British Rail through the early 1970s, was never meant to last. It was intended as a stopgap measure before electrification could be rolled out across the UK’s long-distance rail

Andrea Zazzarelli

What do Messi and David Brent have in common?

8 March 2019|

More than you might imagine according to a 2006 study entitled ‘Sabotage in Tournaments: Making the Beautiful Game a Bit Less Beautiful’. The authors analyse football games in the Spanish La Liga to investigate the incentives for players to engage in brazen sabotage activities similar to those portrayed in the hit TV series The Office. Sabotage activities are as old as humankind: just ask Cain and Abel, Romulus and Remus, Julius Caesar or the Miliband brothers. I’m sure that most

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