Fathom Consulting

An independent, macroeconomic and financial markets consultancy.

Economic and financial modelling

An integrated approach.

A fresh look at economics

Clear, impartial advice.


Strategic advice for corporates, financial institutions, policy groups and governments.

Global coverage

Global financial market analysis including asset allocation and a UK focus.


In-depth research and insight covering property, pensions, monetary policy, and more.


Global economic strategic allocation model (GESAM) of over 170 countries.

About Fathom Consulting

We are an independent financial consultancy which provides economic analysis and forecasts for the global economy and its key asset prices. We also specialise in bespoke, project-based consultancy.

Partner of Thomson Reuters

The Chartbook and The News in Charts are now available through our partner Thomson Reuters. The Chartbook is a library of more than 5,000 sophisticated charts. We also contribute a weekly newsletter to Alpha Now. For a client login, please contact us. 

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