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The CMI is the newest addition to our proprietary suite of indicators.

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In our view, the slowdown in China is the dominant factor in driving down oil prices. However, lower oil prices are a boost to the US consumer that will help to offset the negative global demand shock.

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Who carries the risk?


If the UK economy and its financial markets evolve according to the latest official forecasts, the net supply of index-linked gilts over the next 10 years could face a £500 billion black hole.

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Global exposures to Russia have risen dramatically since 1998

Full steam ahead for UK banks?

Putin caught between a rock and a hard place

Will the cut in stamp duty reinflate the housing market bubble?


Where do you see sterling in 12 months’ time?


Full steam ahead for UK banks? Latest Fathom update, more info:

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Global Economic Strategic Allocation Model (GESAM) of the interaction between the economy and financial markets in over 170 countries.

Our Global Economic and Markets Outlook (GEMO) is a quarterly service that follows a single chain of logic to combine macro economic scenarios for the global economy with an optimal asset allocation.

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What next for UK pension funds


A report co-published by the Pension Insurance Corporation and Fathom Consulting on the impact of [...]

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Still time for TARP in the UK


A policy paper by Fathom Consulting exploring the role that the Troubled Asset Relief Program [...]

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PCL: In a class of its own?

PCL in a class of its own

A study commissioned by Development Securities PLC from Fathom Consulting investigating the drivers behind Prime [...]

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