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Uncertainty is a certainty for Italy

Concerns about Italy’s constitutional referendum and its implications are weighing on markets. They are …

Tumbling unemployment points to tighter US labour market

Today’s US jobs report for November confirms what everybody already knew: that the FOMC …

Emerging uncertainty: trade under Trump?

Donald Trump’s unexpected election victory was welcomed by US investors, who now expect higher …

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Thank Fathom it’s Friday – Would the real Donald Trump please stand up

To say that it has been hard to read the real intentions of President Elect …

Thank Fathom it’s Friday – Liar, liar, odds on fire

As the dust settles, people might begin to ask themselves what all the fuss was …

Thank Fathom it’s Friday – Pity the poor cork manufacturers

It is nigh on 200 years since David Ricardo first set out his theory of …

Chart of the week
Old model continues to drive China’s economic growth
On the official measure, China’s annual GDP growth has stood at 6.7% in the first three quarters of this year. But many observers, including ourselves, are skeptical about the accuracy of officially published data. Our own estimate of economic activity, the China Momentum Indicator (CMI), suggests that growth is much lower than 6.7%, but that it has been accelerating since the turn of the year. Recent developments in industrials metals pricing support this view.

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Bespoke Research

Addressing the role of innovation and the decline of UK productivity.

The ATI and Fathom Consulting have identified four key areas in which targeted government intervention can have the most impact: levels of investment in research & development (R&D); boosting competitiveness; support for mid-sized companies; and enhancing infrastructure, clusters and skills. The report suggests UK aerospace as a model for how strategic government investment in innovation can bring a new focus to an industrial sector. Get the report here

Revealed comparative advantage and globalisation

Recent political events have highlighted the threat of reversing globalisation. International flows of trade, capital and people reflect the underlying patterns of comparative advantage across countries and, when they increase, they move the global economy towards a more efficient allocation of its resources. A reversal of globalisation would cause the global economic pie to shrink. Clients can read our research here.
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#TFIF - Would the real #DonaldTrump please stand up! Read our latest 'Thank Fathom it's Friday' for #Free… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

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Comprehensive Global Coverage

Global Economic Strategic Allocation Model (GESAM) of the interaction between the economy and financial markets in over 170 countries.

Our Global Economic and Markets Outlook (GEMO) is a quarterly service that follows a single chain of logic to combine macro economic scenarios for the global economy with an optimal asset allocation.

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Bespoke Projects: Examples

Investing in a time of negative yeilds:

pic When ‘re-risking’ can be ‘de-risking’ Fathom and PIC pap ...
November 2016 Download

Scottish Independence

Scotland Economic consequences of independence for Scotland and the rest ...
June 2014 Download

Still time for TARP in the UK

Still-time-for-TARP-in-the-UK A policy paper by Fathom Consulting exploring the role that the ...
March 2013 Download

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