The risks posed by a disorderly transition to net zero, the mountain Liz Truss’s government has to climb, how China is targeting its foreign investment, the shocking state of the London rental market — these are just a few of the varied subjects that Fathom’s readers have been clicking on in the last few weeks. Here we’ve put together a recap of Fathom’s Top 10 most read research pieces for 2022 Q3, based on the level of engagement from our clients.

Most read:

In Brief: Threat of an uncoordinated green transition

“The world’s largest oil companies have been investing less and less over the past decade, with total capital expenditure in 2020 around 50% off its all-time high in 2013…The result is a sustained imbalance between demand and supply, which has kept prices high…Without more coordination and planning the path to net zero risks a chaotic transition, with fossil fuels turned off before there is sufficient clean energy capacity to replace them.”

Kevin Loane, 6 July 2022

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