In the last three months Fathom has supplied in-depth research and analysis on the likelihood of a global recession, China’s economic trajectory and its moves to increase its overseas influence, the energy suppliers of the future, and on a wide range of other pressing topics. Here we’ve put together a recap of our Top 10 Fathom research pieces from 2023 Q3, based on the level of engagement from our clients.

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Recession Watch: realistic optimism

This does not mean that the dangers of a downturn have passed. Analysing and disentangling the macroeconomic forces at play has arguably become even more important in order to decipher how policy action, such as higher rates, can translate into economic outcomes. As we have argued for a while now, higher interest rates have a habit of breaking things and this time is unlikely to be different. Yet, each economic and hiking cycle comes with its own characteristics. This one appears to be increasingly defined by a much greater uncertainty over how quickly and by how much the economy will respond to the higher rates already implemented.”

Andrea Zazzarelli, 12 July 2023

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