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Independent macro research

Fathom Consulting provides bespoke, independent macro research and advice on the macro economy and financial markets to a number of the world’s leading corporate and financial institutions, governments and policy groups.
Our clients include global asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds and practitioners, retail banks, investment banks and hedge funds.

Bespoke Consultancy Our services are demand-driven. We put economics to work to identify risk and opportunity for decision makers across the industrial and global spectrum. We achieve more for our clients because our analysis is tailored to answer the questions they find most pressing and delivered on a one-to-one basis.

Research We dig deeper to explain what the latest economic developments actually mean for business, be it investing in financial markets or selling goods and services. Our analysis goes beyond a simple assessment of the next data announcement to build up a comprehensive macro picture.

Our quarterly macroeconomic forecast and asset allocation advice is based on our Global Economic Strategic Asset Allocation Model (GESAM), which covers over 170 countries accounting for 98% of global GDP. This is just one of the proprietary models in our suite of Fathom Applications, available by request to clients.

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